Android or iPhone(my dilemma)

Nowadays it seems like everyone around me is either using an iphone or planning out ways to upgrade to the iphone level or even trying to move up the iphone scale.

And that’s great, really great, cause see eehn, I love iPhones. I think they’re just sleek in a way Androids are not and I once used an iPhone 5 and this phone that was launched 2012 has some specs that my 2014 infinix doesn’t have!

But after Google’ng the prices of iphones, I have come to the conclusion that iphones might just be a no-go area for me.

At first like a true baby girl for life, I started out from the top by googling the price of an iPhone X then after seeing the outrageous price, I descended to the 8 then to the 7 all the iphone 5 at which at this point I had given up on the iOS and had turned back to my trustyAndroid phones.

That goggle experience made me realize that iphones are not for everyone cause

  • they are freaking expensive

To get a brand new X would probably cost around $1000, which might not seem like a lot of money but then on converting that $1000 to naira it’d give you a whooping amount of #365,000(depending on the conversion rate).

Yep, three hundred and sixty five thousand naira!

Guys, some civil servant workers can work for two years and not make that amount of money. Yes, that’s how crazy it is.

While I’m not discriminating people that buy expensive phones like this cause it’s your money you are free to spend it.

Maybe it’s just the poverty in me speaking but that seems like a lot of money to spend on a phone. Not on a laptop. Not on a camera. Not on any other device. But on a phone.

And then it makes me to wonder what exactly is/are the special factor(s) that makes the iphone stand out from others.

What can an iPhone do that an Android can’t?

Maybe it’s the certain air that seems to surround you when holding your iPhone with the apple logo seeming ti twinkle under the light.

Or maybe it’s the way people seem to address you differently when they see the logo and give you the

“Oh you’re using an iPhone” look

But to be fair here, an Android functions as well as an iOS.

Yes, we(Android users) don’t have siri or iTunes or any other iOS apps.

And we may not have the super sleek camera that iPhones have (everything about this phone is just sleekπŸ˜₯).

But you have to admit that Androids are no longer slacking on their camera game and have also upped the whole range of phone’s game big time.

I don’t know if the debate between an iPhone or Android can ever stop.

Personally I think androids are really good and they don’t seem to be lacking a lot compared to the counterpart.

But despite all this I still find myself drawn to the shiny apple logo and will choose the iPhone family over that of the Android.

So, an Android or an iPhone?

Your pick!


9 thoughts on “Android or iPhone(my dilemma)

  1. Oyindamola Omole says:

    I like iPhones better but the way people who use them feel like they’ve already made it in life is really disturbing and worse still, some people buy it to be in the #gang 😌, I remember a guy who once said he was broke and I asked him ‘haba u’re in the iPhone gang now?’ and he said. ‘i just have iPhone but no money’😌😌 . It’s just a gadget so why the idolization? God will help us o.πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

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